Hand cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Since ancient times the olive oil was defined the green gold, it’s the fruit of a precious tree, the olive.

Our hand cream with EVO oil is a completed and regenerating treatment for hands and nails , it  moisturizes, smoothies and shines the skin , able to rediscover how is useful the oil for the body care. Light texture and easy absorption, it doesn’t keep fatty residues.

Hands are perfectly moisturized, nourished and delicately scented.

Ideal for each kind of skin.

Particularly suitable for hands raise awareness by hygienic gel.


The deeply moisturize , the sweet lavender scent, the versatility of the product ideal for the all family, parabens free.



  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, thanks to Vitamin A and E and its lipidic composition, it protects skin from aging, nourish deeply and regulates the hydration system.
  • Lavender Oil, a natural antioxidant that helps to prevent or invert the oxidative stress and to slow down aging.


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