Mother and nourishment

The sun shining on a live land, ready to welcome the fruits of a generous nature. Mother and nourishment, radiant inspiration which accompanies us on our way.

In the middle of a millenary past in which every day nature has given us new fruits, an expression of life, as they are still luxuriant and healthy. Mother Paestum comes to life.

Like a protective mother, loving and caring, we are with our land, which is a source of nourishment, the beginning of everything which is born and transforms itself.

We start our day at the first dawn light, when nature wakes up, energic and mysterious. We only welcome its fruits, thus picking up what the earth spontaneously gives us, without forcing it, following the authentic peasant tradition handed down to us over centuries.

Our land is our most precious possession, it is fertile like a young woman, Junoesque mother like a goddess. Its fruits have preserved their millenary taste, the balance between man and nature, an infinite alliance which relives in our history.

From generation to generation

To our children we hand down very old practices, which absolutely guarantee the protection of the quality of our products, thus preserving flavours, traditions and harmony.