Extravirgin olive oil 1L

The extravirgin olive oil is a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet: its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics are the seal of its value.

It is mainly made of monounsaturated vegetable fats, which are healthier and easy to metabolize, with positive effects on the whole cardiocirculatory system.
The century old olive trees fro which we extract olive oil, wholly by hand, allow us to produce an oil characterized by an unequalled aroma and colour.

Ingredients: Olives.

Tin of 1 litre

Nutritional facts

Average values for 100g
energy: 3700 kJ/900 kcal
fats: 100g
of which saturated fats: 15g
carbohydrates: 0g
of which sugars: 0g
proteins: 0g
salt: 0g


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